Personal Auto Pak

Driving is second nature to you. It's automatic. You don't have to think much about it. Same goes for your auto insurance. You register your vehicle, renew your plates and don't give it a second thought. But what if the unthinkable happens? Do you know if you're covered? Many Saskatchewan motorists only have basic plate insurance, which includes:

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Additionally, all Saskatchewan residents get basic injury coverage. Often it's not enough. Especially if you travel outside the province or drive on rural roads. Those things put you at greater risk - of being sued, of colliding with an underinsured driver, and of hitting wildlife or damaging your glass. And if you're injured, you may not get fully compensated for your lost income or other related expenses. To get the right protection, you need to combine your basic plate insurance with an auto policy customized to your needs. Auto Pak provides the right protection for you and your family.

The coverage
An SGI CANADA Auto Pak is customizable insurance that protects you and your family from loss not covered by basic plate insurance. With an Auto Pak package policy, you can increase your liability coverage, lower your deductible, access rental vehicles, get glass repairs and even have your brand new vehicle replaced if it's totalled.
Replacement cost coverage
If you just bought a brand new vehicle, you can purchase optional coverage that protects you from depreciation. With replacement cost coverage, if your new car is totalled in the first three years of ownership it will be replaced - though in the third year there are some things that aren't covered, like water damage, vandalism, theft and fire.

But act fast! You must purchase replacement cost coverage within 120 days of your new vehicle's delivery date.

Keep your original bill of sale as it may be helpful during the claims process.

The benefit
An SGI CANADA Auto Pak policy provides you the ability to choose the package that best fits your needs, avoids economic loss and protects your family. For example: if you injure a high-salaried person in a collision and must pay to supplement their lost income, Auto Pak pays for costs not covered by basic plate insurance. You can face significant financial hardship if you're at fault for damaging someone's property or if someone gets injured. Insurance ensures you can pay others for their financial loss, due to damaged property or injury, with as little impact on your life and family as possible. When you purchase an Auto Pak package policy with increased liability limits, you also get family security coverage. It protects you and your family members from loss due to injury caused by a driver with little or no insurance - up to $2 million.
Getting the right protection is about the best combination of basic plate insurance and an auto package policy tailored to your needs.

This is a general description of the coverages provided. Actual policy conditions govern. For a complete list of Auto Insurance options, policies and prices give us a call.

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