Agro Pak


Complete and Convenient Coverage
SGI CANADA's Agro Pak provides the protection you need for your farming and ranching operations. Working with you we can customize a single package tailored to your individual needs - eliminating separate policies for your dwelling(s), belongings, buildings, livestock, machinery, your liability and more.

Protect your Dwelling(s) and Belongings
Agro Pak protects your dwelling(s) and belongings in the event of damage due to fire, lightning, windstorm, vandalism and many other perils. There are a number of options you can choose from to enhance your Agro Pak coverage.

Options to Meet Your Needs

Home Systems Protection
Home Systems Protection covers repairs or replacement when home systems, equipment and major appliances break down. For example: If your furnace breaks down or your home entertainment system stops working, you'd have insurance to pay for the cost to replace it. This insurance coverage is meant to protect you from surprise expenses you may not expect - but could happen at anytime. Home systems are not typically covered under a basic home insurance policy.

Service Line Coverage
Service Line Coverage covers the costs associated with repairs to underground pipes and wiring from the street to your house when damage occurs on your property. For example: If a pipe bursts or is blocked by tree roots, you'd have insurance to pay for the cost to dig up your yard, make repairs and replace your landscaping. This insurance coverage is meant to protect you from surprise expenses you may not expect - but could happen at anytime. Service lines are not typically covered under a basic home insurance policy.

Identity Theft Coverage
A basic amount of coverage is provided for the reimbursement of expenses related to identity theft. You can choose to increase the basic amount of coverage for an additional premium charge.

Homeowner's Guarantee
When you qualify for this option, SGI CANADA will guarantee repair or replacement of your home and outbuildings on their original site with materials of similar type and quality - even if the cost is more than the amount of your insurance coverage. You're also entitled to receive up to 100% of the amount your
home is insured for to cover your belongings, increased living expenses, loss of rental income and mass evacuation costs (your single amount of protection). As well, if you're forced to remortgage due to your loss, SGI CANADA will cover any difference between your old and new interest rates for the remaining mortgage term. You're also covered for the extra expense of rebuilding to meet current building codes, as long as local laws allow you to rebuild at the same location.

Increased Limits Coverage
This option allows you to increase limits of insurance for property with specific amounts of protection, such as jewellery. It also provides $3 million in personal liability coverage as well as enhanced limits for voluntary medical and voluntary property damage payments. Eligibility requirements apply.

Glass Deductible Buydown Option
For a small additional premium, you can reduce your deductible for glass breakage to $25. This option is only available for Home Paks I, B, II or III.

Sewer Back Up Coverage
This coverage is available for an additional premium (subject to restrictions).

Voluntary Fire Fighting Coverage
This coverage is available for an additional premium.

Special Belongings Coverage
You may require extra protection on special items like furs, jewellery, fine art, coin and stamp collections, musical instruments and bicycles.

Watercraft and All-Terrain Vehicle Coverage
Boats, motors, personal watercraft, all-terrain vehicles and their equipment can also be protected.

Seasonal Home and Secondary Residence Coverage
You can add protection for your seasonal home, secondary residence and belongings to your SGI CANADA Home Pak. Guaranteed replacement cost coverage is available at no additional charge on only your seasonal home (subject to restrictions).

Rental Home Coverage
This option allows you to add protection for up to 10 rental homes you own and rent to others (limitations or restrictions may apply).

Protect your Farm Buildings and Contents
SGI CANADA's Agro Pak offers protection for your farm buildings and their contents. Protect yourself against losses from fire, lightning, windstorm, hail and many other perils. You can reduce your insurance premium by choosing a higher deductible. Replacement cost coverage may also be available to you.

Protect your Machinery
Do you have protection for your machinery, implements and attached equipment in the event of a fire, collision, upset or overturn? Coverage is available for each item individually or on a blanket basis. Again, you can reduce your insurance premium by choosing a higher deductible. There are options available to ensure you have the right protection for your machinery.

Loss of Use Coverage
This optional coverage provides for rental costs when machinery you insure is damaged by an insured cause of loss.

Tool Floater
SGI CANADA can provide all-risk protection on a replacementcost basis for your tools while they are located anywhere in Canada.

Protect your Commodities
Regardless of the type of farm operation you have, SGI CANADA's Agro Pak has you covered in the event of a loss. SGI CANADA's Agro Pak livestock, grain, fodder and produce floaters offer protection against fire, lightning and many other causes of loss.

Advantage Coverages

Farm Property Advantage Coverage
The SGI CANADA Farm Property Advantage takes care of all your farm building contents, tools, tack equipment, miscellaneous farm property, debris removal and voluntary firefighting insurance needs in one complete package and on a replacement cost basis.

Farm Produce Advantage Coverage
The SGI CANADA Farm Produce Advantage provides protection for all your grain, produce (fruits and vegetables), fodder, fertilizer and chemical insurance needs in one convenient package.

Protect your Liability Exposures
Are you covered in the event someone is injured on your farm, or if your farming practices or personal acts cause damage to their property? If you are found legally responsible for injury to someone or damage to their property, it could mean financial disaster - losing your farm or restricting your purchasing power. By having adequate liability protection with your Agro Pak, you can be sure that your entire operation isn't at stake.
In addition, all farm liability policies include sudden and accidental pollution coverage. If you use chemicals or fertilizers, you can't afford to be without this essential coverage.

Premium Discounts
You may be eligible for a premium discount if:
Contact us for complete details on the discounts you may qualify for.

Protect Yourself with Valuable Options
Because your farm can be your home and livelihood, any loss to your assets or a legal liability claim against you could have a significant impact on the lifestyle you've worked hard to build for yourself and your family.
SGI CANADA's Agro Pak offers broad coverage with a wide variety of options to protect your dwelling, contents, farm equipment, farm buildings and other assets you own. We can help you decide which options will best suit your individual needs and review your current coverage.
We will be glad to review your current farm insurance and tailor an Agro Pak specifically for your needs.

This is a general description of the coverages provided. Actual policy conditions govern. For a complete list of Farm Insurance options, policies and prices give us a call.

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